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UPDATED  2016/15/05    Intel Page


Parents Information on Gangs and Children
Courtesy of : Florida Gang Investigators Association

Warning Signs:

•You should be concerned if your child:
•Admits to gang involvement;is obsessed with one particular color of clothing or shows a desire for a particular logo over and over;
•Wears sagging pants (this in and of itself is not indicative of gang activity);
•Wears excessive jewelry with distinctive designs and may wear it only on either the right or left side of the body;
•Is obsessed with gangster-influenced music, videos and movies to the point of imitation;
•Withdraws from family with an accompanying change in demeanor;
•Associates with undesirable and breaks parental rules consistently;
•Develops an unusual desire for privacy and secrecy and may completely rearrange living quarters to create privacy;
•Uses hand signs while with friends and practices them at home;
•Or there is evidence of the appearance of: ◦physical injury (such as being beaten) and then child lies about the events surrounding the injury:
◦Peculiar drawings or language on school books (may appear later as tattoos or brands);
◦Unexplained cash or goods, i.e., clothing or jewelry;
◦Possible use of alcohol and drugs with attitude change.

Advise Your Children They Should Not:

Associate with any gang members or “wannabe/gonnabe” gang members;identify or communicate with gangs;hang out near or where gangs congregate;approach strangers in cars who appear to want information or directions;wear gang related clothing where gangs are known to gather or traverse;wear initialed clothing such as BK – British Knights – a/k/a “Blood Killer” in high crime areas;use words like “crab” or “slob” (localized lingo may develop) anywhere gangs may be; i.e. malls, sporting events, etc.;attend any party or social event sponsored by gangs or their associates;take part in any graffiti activity or hang around where graffiti is present; oruse any kind of finger or sign language in a public place.