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UPDATED  2015/28/11    Intel Page, Base Page 



                                      The 12 Days of Christmas Safety
                                                   Courtesy of: Make Orlando Safer Today

Day 1 – Be aware of your surroundings, especially after dark. Use drive thru ATMs when possible.
              Never use a ATM or RedBox after dark.

Day 2 - Do not post travel plans or away-times on social media or your answering machine.    
            If traveling, have your mail + newspaper deliveries held. Crooks want to know when 
            are away.

Day 3 – Use disposable credit cards. All continental U.S. internet merchants accept them. 
            You can still report these cards as lost/stolen compromised, but your real credit is never 
            in jeopardy.

Day 4 – Avoid too good to be true deals from internet vendors. Always meet a Craigslist seller
            in public for hand deliveries of  payments/merchandise. Never reveal your home address.

Day 5 – Arrange for package deliveries where they can be signed for and not left outdoors. If 
            you must leave outside, request packages be left at an out of site area such as the back 

Day 6-  Keep house lamps on timers. Keep an eye on your neighbor’s home too. Report suspicious      
           characters Don’t leave garage doors open if unattended. Don’t leave gifts in your vehicle once 
           you are home.

Day 7 – Keep purse straps diagonal over torso. Keep wallets in front pockets. Quit carrying your cell 
            phone hanging half way out of your rear pocket. Don’t flash cash.

Day 8 – Keep an eye on packages, especially when eating out and getting a drink refill. Don’t show off 
            valuable purchases in public. 

Day 9 – Drink responsibly at holiday parties and events. A DUI is a gift you cannot return or exchange. 
            Some companies like AAA offer a free holiday tow service if you’re drunk. Be smart.

Day 10- Some crooks follow people home from stores after they purchase items like flat screen TVs.
             Be smart about your trip home. Stop at a police car or station if you feel uneasy.

Day 11- Almost time to celebrate, but crooks want you careless. Stay focused on your safety.Take your 
            time. Crooks are hoping you are distracted so close to the big day.

Day 12- Merry Christmas! Remember, leaving big-ticket item boxes at the curb advertises to crooks. 
            Take your boxes to a dumpster instead. Be careful about posting your gifts on social media.

                                       M.O.S.T. wishes you a Merry Christmas, love and safety